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Sound Imaging offers you diagnostic MRI imaging solutions. Your one stop provider for all your MRI parts needs. We partner with the country's best hospitals and imaging centers to deliver secure tested, GE-Serviced systems direct from the seller. Our customers can save up to 60% off OEM prices.

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Avoid misleading trade-in offers from OEM manufacturers. Sell direct to Sound Imaging. We'll buy your MRI system in full and upfront.

Do you need a cheap MRI scan?
Do you have minimal or no insurance coverage?

New & Used MRI Coils.
All of our GE MRI Coils undergo General Electric system diagnostics and calibrations that meet or exceed OEM specifications. We also provide live or phone installation support for each MRI coil we sell. We have mri body coils, mri head coils, mri brain coils, mri breast coils,mri spine coils, mri knee coils, mri neck coils, mri shoulder coils, mri endorectal coils, mri extremity coils, mri vascular coils, mri surface coils, mri torso coils, mri wrist coils, mri neurovascular coils, mri cardiac coils, mri abdominal coils, mri pelvic coils, mri ctl coils, mri gp flex coils, mri gradient coils, mri phased array coils, and many others.

We also sell USA Instruments MRI Coils.

"The CTL coil we bought looked brand new, I couldn't believe it was pre-owned!"
-Paul Morgan, Site Engineer

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MRI Coils and MRI Parts


Tested MRI Parts from GE Serviced MRIs
Decrease downtime with guaranteed MRI parts and MRI coils from Sound Imaging. Our MRI Parts and MRI Coils are as much as 60% off OEM prices. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Each MRI part number we sell has a full 30-day warranty.

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Safety & Movement Monitoring System (SAMM System).
Our SAMM observation system allows technologists to easily monitor patients with MRI safe and RF shielded HD cameras.

Installing an MRI video camera patient monitoring system in your mobile MRI unit or mobile MRI system will substantially decrease the occurance of patient accidents.

"We love the SAMM System. We got it set up about two weeks ago. Thanks so much!"
-Cyndi McCauley, MRI Dept. Manager"

"Since we started using the SAMM System, we've had many positive remarks from patients because it increased their comfort."
-Dr. Sardo, M.D

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Mobile MRI Rental


Provide MRI service to more patients, eliminate backlog and increase referred business with a full-time mobile MRI rental from Sound Imaging. We have several different programs designed to help you lease a mobile MRI or get an MRI for sale to build business for your diagnostic imaging center. We lease MRI trailers like GE Signa Advantage, GE Signa Excite and GE Signa Horizon. You can also rent a mobile CT scanner or a mobile PET CT scanner from us.

"We haven't turned any MRI patients away since we began leasing a mobile MRI trailer 24/7 from Sound Imaging."
-Dr. Lowe, M.D

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